Winter Cornish Coasteering – A Natural High

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Challenge your mind and body, step outside your comfort zone and embrace the cold Atlantic sea in the winter months…….

The Scandinavian’s have been swimming in cold seas for years, yet still we British are a little shy when it comes to embracing our coastline in the winter months. There are some people who enjoy a  dip in the winter and enjoy the fresh and rejuvenating benefits from jumping into the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Wetsuits, gloves, boots and hat !

Ok so wearing a wetsuit might not be so hard-core but it takes the edge off the chilly British water and makes the British seas more enjoyable and endurable for a longer period of time.

Coasteering has grown increasingly popular here in Newquay and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing adrenaline activities in the UK. Newquay Activity Centre have been leading the way with both summer and winter coasteering experiences which see coasteerers explore the cornish coastline, view the legendary Cornish smugglers caves and encounter sea and marine life.

Healthy benefits for the mind and body

Coasteering off the Cornish coast is not only fun and adventurous; it gets your heart racing.  The healthy sea minerals and the cold salty water contribute to that all over natural high when you have taken the plunge, braved the elements and achieved something new. And the cool gasp of breath is not from the cold but from being so close to the wonderful sea life who loiter nearby.


Coasteering is not all about jumping off high cliffs. Whilst swimming around the craggy rocks discovering caves, you experience the tides currents and natural whirlpools whilst marvelling at the beautiful coastline and all that inhabits it from wild flowers, birds and marine life. The rush of the sea elevates you onto the rock face to traverse across the rock and onto your next jump.

The constant movement means that you are kept warm and your body benefits from the cold water as it activates your immune system and give you a rushing feeling of adrenaline.  Feeling more alive than ever!


Coasteering is for everyone and at all times of the year.  A Low tide eco coasteer will take you on an adventure through caves, sluices and whirlpools and encounter the local wildlife. Alternative coasteering routes will see you will experience the mystical Cornish coast, swim into water filled caves and whirl pass rocks jutting out of the caves where grey seals doze.



Leap into the Atlantic ocean this winter and the endorphin rush will put a smile on your face as you re-emerge  from the deep blue seas!


Newquay Activity Centre offers surfing, bodyboarding and coasteering as well as many other activities around the beautiful Cornish coast and is open all year round.


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