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“I actually cried the first time I saw myself surf on video”  

Sam Lamiroy – Just a regular guy… ex professional surfer and head honcho of the UK Hurley Surf Club.

Those were the actual words uttered by Sam recalling the first time he saw himself surf on film when we spoke about his latest exciting offering.

Since those early days, he’s improved … just a bit … and we are really excited to announce a series of Exclusive Video Coaching Sessions brought to you by Sam in conjunction with us here at the Newquay Activity Centre.

Here’s our surfing theory …

Very best surf coaching + expert video analysis + small group size = maximum surfing development and improvement.

As Sam says in his own words:

“I have spent a lifetime looking for ways to improve my own surfing – and now I can share what I have learned to help surfers of all abilities get the most out of their own time on the waves.

I discovered that a few key, fundamental points – correctly delivered make a massive difference – to everyone.  

Like everyone else, I need help from time to time – and that’s what these sessions are about  – giving you the right personal surfing advice, at the right time – for maximum impact.”

Who’s it for?

Can you catch unbroken waves and trim along green faces in both directions? These sessions are for you! It’s the perfect chance to get advice about:

  • Technique
  • Generating speed
  • Generating power
  • Equipment choice
  • Wave count
  • Turns
  • Flow
  • Competitive strategies
  • Air game

What’s included in the session?

You’ll start by surfing the best possible waves before analysing the footage of the session and receiving professional feedback on how to improve. Instruction is given both in the water and during a classroom session whilst watching back your session. You’ll be using advanced coaching expertise to analyse your skills.

When are the sessions?

  • Friday 14th July –  10am – 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 19th July –   6.30pm – 9 pm


What are iAM bands?

iAM bands are an easy surf ability measure awarded in the form of a wrist band. Each colour represents a different level and you’ll receive a complimentary assessment including your own iAM band after the coaching sessions (RRP £15 or £9.99 online).

The spaces are very limited – if you are interested in improving your surfing and learning from one of the top pro surf coaches in Europe – and read what these sessions are all about now …

YES! … I WANT TO IMPROVE MY SURFING! CALL 01637 877722 and we’ll sort you out! We hope you can join us with Sam and unlock your surfing potential.

See you in the waves,

Team Newquay Activity Centre

Sam Lamiroy Surf Iam Bands


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