How do I land a frontside air reverse on a surfboard?

How do I land a frontside air reverse on a surfboard?

To successfully master the air reverse on a surfboard, you need a wave with a fast section that leads in to a nice ramp. As you approach the section, widen your stance. A wider board is definitely going to help as well. Hit the lip as it is pitching and ‘olly’ off it, while at the same time rotating your torso and arms towards the beach. This twisting motion will throw you in to a spin. The higher that your tail is, the more air you’ll get and the better you’ll fly. Keep looking through the turn and stay centred on your board as you land. Make sure that you bend your kneeds and absorb the impact and ride out of it.

This is a big move to tick off the list. Be prepared to fail a thousand times before you nail this one. You’ll be guaranteed legendary status at your local beach if you are seen nailing these on a regular basis. Check out guys like Reubyn Ash and Filipe Toledo for really good examples of nailing this move with style and finesse.

Follow this steps for air reverse success.

1.     You’ll need a board with a wide area under your front foot, medium size waves with ‘rampy’ end sections, and ideally a light cross/onshore wind.

2.     Once you find a good section, approach it with speed. But be careful not to get there too early before the section is steep enough. You might need to stall for a moment or two before racing towards it.

3.     Before reaching the section, widen your stance. Move your back foot to the back of the tail pad. This gives you more speed and drive.  Getting your front foot up the board will also help with speed and with the rotation.

4.     Remember it is just as important, if not more, to boost out in front of the wave as well as above it. So focus on boosting towards the beach rather than up into the heavens.

5.     As you hit the lip ‘olly’ your board and quickly rotate the torso and arms towards the beach throwing you into the spin.

6.     Sending your tail high into the air and pivoting around your front foot makes the air look bigger and makes landing much easier. Win win!

7.     As you rotate, stay compressed, continue to bring your back arm around and look at your landing spot.

8.     Extend slightly to allow your board to meet the wave. If you’re tail is facing the beach, land mostly on your front foot, and absorb the landing.

9.     Re-centre your weight distribution and then let your fins catch. Look over your shoulder towards the beach to complete the rotation.

10. Resist the urge to throw your arms into the air in celebration. Play it cool and act as though you can bust these bad boys out in your sleep.

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