Getting Kids Active with Bodyboarding

Getting Kids Active with Bodyboarding

With an increasing focus on the physical and mental health of children, finding new ways to keep your kids active is something that many parents are looking for.

Traditional children’s sports are generally focused on team efforts, such as football and cricket, but there are many more fun activities available. This includes surfing.

If your child is new to this sport and you would like them to have a surfing lesson, Newquay is the place to get it.

The Importance of Keeping Healthy 

As more and more children are classified as obese, the focus on eating healthy and living a more active lifestyle is encouraged by schools and the NHS.

These days parents can find support from health professionals and there is more robust education being offered to families.

Being active is not just about maintaining a healthy weight. Keeping fit will also boost confidence and self-esteem as children get out and about and get involved in the community.

Good mental health involves exploring new opportunities and not feeling trapped by any particular activities that they dislike, so trying something new is always a great motivator.

With this in mind, it may be fun to consider bodyboarding or surfing with the kids.

What is Bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding is a great way to get fit that involves using a bodyboard, also known as a boogie board, to ride the crest, curl, and face of a wave.

Unlike surfing, where a person stands up on the surfboard, bodyboarders lie on their stomachs or stand on their knees. Bodyboarding is a gentle introduction to surfing for those who are nervous about standing up to tackle big waves.

It is worth noting that keen surfers also enjoy bodyboarding, as it offers a lot more flexibility to try out new moves and to adjust speeds more rapidly.

Newquay Activity Centre

If you are looking to book a surfing lesson, Newquay Activity Centre have a range of surfing and bodyboarding packages available for children.

As well as 1-2-1 surfing lessons, children can enjoy the following activities at the centre: 

  • An introduction to surfing and bodyboarding equipment
  • Basic bodyboarding techniques
  • Fun ways of learning how to wipe out
  • Understanding bodyboarding lingo
  • Teaching children how to warm-up and warm-down properly
  • Awareness and appreciation of swimmers and others using the water
  • The basics of surf rescue
  • Fun competitions and a gentle 6-week assessment

If you are wanting your children to enjoy a fun surfing lesson, Newquay Activity Centre allows for just the right level of adrenaline rush mixed with safe and professional learning. Rob Barber is our number one Surf GB qualified surfing coach, who has vast experience in making children feel secure and comfortable as they learn.

If you are nervous about your children learning to bodyboard on their own, there are group learning sessions available or parents can get involved in the action too.

Newquay Activity Centre is truly a fun place to be for all of the family.

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