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Huge Whale Washed Up At Fistral Beach Newquay

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Whale Stranded on Fistral Beach Discovered by Newquay Activity Centre Staff

Huge Whale Washed up On Fistral Beach Newquay

This morning, our routine dawn coastal safety check at south Fistral beach revealed a unique and unexpected sight—a majestic Fin Whale.

While the circumstances surrounding its presence remain mysterious. Our team promptly informed the relevant organisations, and urged the general public to approach this incredible creature with the respect it deserves. 

The impressive visitor measures an astounding 16.5 meters in length. Spotted near Fistral Beach and Great Western Beach on November 14th (the day before it washed up) it was exhibiting strange behaviour. Many believe that the creature was suffering from an illness of some kind, before dying during the night and being washed in by the tide. A very somber and sad scene.

When the RNLI Lifeguards, Marine Stranding experts, Coastguards and Police arrived on the scene, the decision was made to establish a safety perimeter around the creature, urging the public to maintain a distance of over 20 feet to ensure everyone’s safety.

Amidst this awe-inspiring encounter, it was important to exercise caution due to organisms still inhabiting the whale’s carcass, and the presence of potentially toxic blood. A decision on whether the high tide will naturally relocate the whale’s body or if additional measures are required was  pending at time of writing.

An increase in Whale Sitings  

This remarkable encounter serves as a celebration of the wonders of marine life. While we eagerly await more insights into the whale’s visit, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our oceans. Such marine animal sightings remind us of the importance of preserving these natural habitats for future generations.

Reflecting on the uniqueness of this encounter, we encourage a positive outlook on marine conservation. By fostering understanding and appreciation for marine ecosystems, we can collectively contribute to their well-being. Whale siting’s have become more regular over the last 12 months off the Newquay coastline with some of our activity instructors even recording photographs of them during their surfing sessions.

How You Can Contribute: Promoting Ocean Conservation

In times of awe and curiosity, communities often come together to support the environment. We focus heavily on our marine eco systems through many of the CoasteeringEco Kayak tours and Eco Paddleboard tours that we offer. Our coastal clean up efforts are something that we urge others to join us in.

We’d like our customers and followers to consider supporting local organisations dedicated to marine conservation efforts or participating in our beach cleanups to maintain the pristine beauty of our shores. Let’s turn this unexpected encounter into an opportunity to remind us to protect the oceans that host these incredible creatures.

As we continue to marvel at this unique event, let’s unite in our commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship with our oceans. 

Listen to Robs interview with BBC Radio Cornwall about the whale discovery.

We made the national news!

Our pictures and interview with Rob were used on several national news segments on the Fin whale.

Sky News report on the whale.
The Independant newspaper on the whale at Fistral.
BBC News speak to Rob regarding his discovery of the Fin whale.
Cornwall Live piece on the whale.


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