New Year’s Eve Charity Coasteer & Super SUP!

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Yes it’s happening again!

This New Year’s Eve we’ll be holding our annual charity coasteer and this time we are raising money for two incredible charities. We have picked charities that are close to the hearts of the Newquay Activity Centre and have chosen the SSAFA, the UK’s oldest military charity making lives easier for our armed forces, veterans and their families. Also the local Help Izzy Walk campaign, a heart-warming cause that we have raised for in the past.

Coasteering with a Twist!

We are adding a brand new element to our coasteering for 2017 by introducing a super stand up paddleboard to the equation. The super SUP addition is a brilliant way to combine two awesome activities in one and we have decided to officially launch the activity on New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve Adventure

This traditional winter adventure starts from our activity centre in Newquay, where groups of all ages have assembled before to join our team of coasteering experts along with coasteering legend, Karl Fice-Thomson.

Full kit of wetsuits and equipment are provided, and after a thorough safety briefing, the group make their way down to the waters edge to embark upon a historic coastal adventure. The old lifeboat slipway is the first iconic landmark you’ll explore and from there you’ll be immersed in the rich cultural heritage of Newquay’s coves and caves.

There’s so much to learn about within our coastline, from the ecology to its history and climbing, traversing and leaping from the rocks is a hands-on way to experience what the area has to offer. Welcome in the New Year fresh from an adrenaline fuelled morning in the Cornish seas.

Winter Coasteering – A New Experience

Winter coasteering is unlike any other experience, with conditions that lend themselves to an exceptional coasteering event. Newquay Activity Centre Director, Rob Barber explains.

 ‘Whilst advancement’s in winter wetsuits ensure that you’re kept toasty and warm, winter coasteering with super SUP gives you a real sense of achievement, as you brave the elements and step out of your comfort zone. It can be glorious winter sunshine or icy rain, but we can guarantee that coasteering will leave you feeling energised and invigorated. It’s a really great way to start the New Year,”

Fundraising on New Year’s Eve

This New Years Eve coasteer takes place from 9am on the 31st December and costs £45 per person. All proceeds go to the SSAFA and the Help Izzy Walk campaign. End 2016 with a splash and make this New Years Eve one to remember!

To participate please contact Newquay Activity Centre on 01637 877722 and get booked in (pre booking is essential)!

If you don’t fancy taking part, please feel free to join us at Newquay Activity Centre and lend your support to the adventurous coasteering fundraisers on New Years Eve!

We will all finish for a warm drink in the Carnmarth Hotel afterwards.


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