Newquay Activity Centre Paddle Across Scotland to Help Izzy Walk

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Newquay Activity Centre (NAC) is calling all charity fundraisers and ocean adventurers!

We are raising money to ‘HELP IZZY WALK’ AND WE NEED YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, to join in the support for our courageous NAC employees that are paddling from east to west across Scotland in Canadian Canoes.

We are raising money for our friend, 5 year old Izzy Pearce, who is one of identical twins and has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. This means she has increased muscle tone and her legs are constantly stiff, she suffers from pain and also has difficulty with leg movements, coordination and balance. We need to help Izzy’s family raise £80,000 for a life changing operation which will allow her to sing and dance, pain free, with her sister.

Jorrin Massingham and Daz Cox will start in Fort William under the shadow of Ben Nevis the UK’s highest mountain. Then paddle the width of Scotland from the west coast and finish at Inverness in the east. The journey is meant to take 5 days but they aim to complete the descent in 3 days.

They will be self sufficient and wild Camping along the banks of the rivers exposed to the wilderness over a total distance of 60 miles. They will travel in Canadian open boat canoes using traditional wooden paddles.


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