Newquay Activity Centre Team Learn about Local History on Heritage Walk

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On our Coasteer adventures you will see areas of the coastline that are not accessible unless kitted up in the correct safety gear and are in the care of our trained guides.

After 20 years of surfing lessons, bodyboarding lessons and coasteering along the beautiful coastline of Newquay, the team at the Newquay Activity Centre has learned a great deal about it’s intriguing history. Some stories have stemmed from myth and legend and some tales are now common knowledge throughout the community. We already had stories of washed up smugglers on Dead Man’s Cove to deep tea caverns full of plunder and even a sinister Witches Peak. However we thought it was high time that we separated the fables and the facts and learn even more about the amazing stretch of coastline that is so drenched in history.
Geared up and ready for the blustery walk!

Newquay Coasteering – Important History

Len Sheppard from the Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum and Newquay Old Cornwall Society knows everything there is to know about Newquay history and on a wintry November day the NAC team joined him on a heritage walk from the Newquay Harbour all the way to the old lifeboat house at the Gazzle. Ripe with facts, figures and dates Len certainly knew his stuff and it was fascinating to hear how Newquay has developed over the last century. From the old train lines that ran all the way into the harbour to the fishing stories full of storms and trepidation, there was a lot to fit in.

The crew head towards the Gazzle and the Smugglers Caves!

Coasteering in Newquay – Historic Routes

Now that coasteering is becoming an increasingly popular way of enjoying the coastline here in Newquay we were specifically interested in learning about both our Adventure Gully and Gazzle routes and what went on back in the day in an area that was full of action even then. We don’t want to give the game away on here so you will just have to join us on a coasteer but it was incredible to hear the stories and facts that unfolded all those years ago.Coasteering isn’t all about the jumps, even they are awesome nonetheless!

Newquay Water Activities – Then and Now

We felt it was really important to learn about this area of the coastline in order for us to share these stories and facts with customers that join us for our coasteering sessions. There will certainly be an added element to each coasteer that takes place now we have this insight into the past. It’s also important to discover how lives were lived before the ocean was used for sporting activities and tourism and how today there are still aspects that were done then that we do now. We are always striving to develop our activities and learning the history of this part of the coastline. All our guides are now trained and full of local knowlege that will enrich all future coasteers.

Len talks about the famous Huers Hut. “Heva heva” is what the the fisherman would yell from the hut when the fish would appear in their millions!

The old lifeboat slip way is a perfect place to enter the sea on our super low tide coasteers.

Coasteering Adventures

When you book on a coasteer with the Newquay Activity Centre you will now be given the chance to go back in time and hear the stories of old whilst experiencing the exciting environments that they took place in. Whether it’s starting at the old lifeboat slip way on our North Coast Challenge Coasteer, exploring the deep dark smugglers caves on our Spring Low Tide Coasteer or taking a trip passed the Huers Hut at Adventure Gulley you will experience a history lesson like you never have before!

The Smugglers Caves are an incredible sight to see. Exploring them is exhilarating, especially when a seal pops up to say hello!

We are really excited to implement our new historic knowledge into future coasteers and would like to say a massive thank you to Len as well as Cornwall 365 for inviting us on the walk.

Images taken by Aaron Parsons Photography.


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