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How to avoid wetsuit rub when Surfing and Coasteering

Wetsuit will ruin your vibe. The last thing you want after a great session in the water is a neck that feels like fire. Here’s how to avoid it…


Slather a scoop of this stuff on your neck where your suit’s neckline will sit. It will grease the skin and prevent your suit from rubbing!

Remember, don’t do this with sandy hands!

Surfing? Coasteering? Bodyboarding? Avoid a prune face, wear sun cream!

The sun can be one unforgiving ball of fire.

We’re in the sun all day every day during the summer and without sun protection, we’d all have wrinkly prune faces. Water reflects and strengthens the sun’s rays so it’s hugely important to protect your skin whilst in or beside the sea. You’re at risk of burning even on cloudy days, so take our advice and copy Wozza’s sun cream regime.

1. Dollop a decent amount of water-resistant factor 30 (minimum!) sun cream into your hand.

2. Rub it in all over your face; remember to cover your ears, lips and neck! You can buy sun-protecting lip balms especially for the job too.

3. All of our instructors wear zinc on their faces as an extra layer of protection. Wipe it on your cheekbones, across the bridge of your nose and forehead and gently even it out with your finger. Don’t rub it fully in, as it acts best as a physical barrier to the sun’s rays.


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