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Every day we are inspired by the first-time adventure seekers that join us to try something new and push their limits. The same goes for our improvers honing their technique and stepping up their game. Every day is learning day.

We’re at it too. Stretching our minds, widening our range and setting new goals is what keeps things fresh and tip top.

Here’s just a taste of our recent learning adventures.

NAC Staff TrainingGenning up on the Gannel

The Gannel Estuary in Newquay is as diverse as it is beautiful. Positioned just south of Towan Headland where the Gannel River meets the sweeping sands of Crantock Beach, it’s a sheltered spot tucked away from the buzz of Newquay’s popular beaches. There’s wildlife galore, loads of interesting nooks and crannies and heaps of heritage so is a go-to for our SUP and kayaking tours. Our instructors know it like the back of their hands yet a day spent there as a team hunting out new spots, sharing knowledge and genning up on history threw up even more finds which our adventure-seeking customers are loving finding out about.

Paddlesports Leaders Award

We’re super excited to have recently added paddleboarding to our ever expanding range of activities. From relaxing and serene to supped up and adrenaline-filled, stand up paddle boarding hits every tempo – we absolutely love it. As with all our activities we’re 100% committed to sharing it with our guests with maximum safety and expertise and are proud to hold the Paddlesport Leaders Award, a British Canoeing Union qualification. Achieving it was a rigorous and demanding process (it was fun too!) which involved a series of in-house training exercises followed by external examinations in three different conditions. We passed with flying colours and our instructors Josh Tidwell, Johnny Fryer and Brendan Moore, are now fully qualified to teach this incredible sport with more of our instructors following suit.

South coast coasteer

The north coast of Cornwall is our home but heading south with a technical advisor for a spot of coasteering couldn’t have been more valuable. We tested our knowledge by scrambling over cliffs that we’re completely new to us, felt the buzz of fresh sea jumps and had every inch of our teaching and coaching style analysed, discussed and reviewed for improvement. We arrived back in Newquay pumped up and raring to put what we had learnt into action. It just goes to show that even the best can get better!

National Coasteer Charter meeting

As TripAdvisor’s number one activity provider we’re regulars on the industry conference circuit. Sharing best practice, learning the latest happenings and working in partnership with local, regional and national colleagues is core to our culture for ongoing learning. As part of this we recently attended the National Coasteer Charter meeting, a think tank which takes place every six months to discuss safety and processes.


Perhaps not as exciting as scouting out new locations or being put through our paces in the water but GDPR is something that we’ve poured lots of energy into recently. If you haven’t come across it before (where have you been hiding?) it’s about how we collect, manage and use data and over the last few months we’ve been busy tweaking our processes to ensure we comply with the new regulations. Our customer’s privacy is vitally important to us so this isn’t an issue that we’ve taken lightly and we’re pleased to say that we’ve got it covered.


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