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Newquay Kayak tours to explore the incredible Cornish coastline

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Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Why EVERYONE has to try sea kayaking

If sea kayaking were a person it would be the one that everyone wants to be friends with; who always knows the right things to say, is great at a party and comes top of the class. Sea kayaking is Mr Popular of the watersports world.

Whether you’re five years old or 105 and whether you like to take things slow or live life in the fast lane, sea kayaking will get in your groove and suit your style. It’s our most versatile activity and requires absolutely no prior kayaking skills. Sea kayaking we salute you.

Here’s what to expect and what to look out for when you have a sea kayaking lesson in Newquay with us.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall

The right kit

First things first, you need to get kitted out with the right equipment and clothing. We’ll sort you out with a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid then pair you up with a paddle and a sit-on-top kayak. We offer a choice of one or two person versions with the latter being perfect for children and adult combos. Whichever option you go for you can expect to be treated to a comfortable and leisurely ride thanks to the comfortable back rest that comes as standard across our kayaks. Comfort equals confidence on the water after all!

Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Safety and signs

Before we get going on our ocean adventure we’ll make sure you’re familiar with the equipment and fill you in on the basics of kayaking skills. You’ll also learn essential hand signals, clue up on what to do if you get tired on the water and gain ocean and wind awareness. It’s all super important but don’t worry, we’re pros at helping beginners get to grips with sea kayaking so you’ll find it easy peasy even if you have zilch prior knowledge.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Pick your route

We’ve lucked out with our position on Towan Beach in Newquay because we’ve got not one but three amazing kayaking routes on our doorstep. So what do you fancy, a tour of Newquay’s beaches, the lagoon stillness of the Gannel Estuary or the tea cavern caves of the Gazzle? They all sound good don’t they? And they are. Whichever one you go for our expert team knows it like the back of their hand and will guide you to all the must-see nooks and crannies. They’re also chocka with info and depending on your interests will cover off the area’s history and heritage, the flora and forna and wildlife. Oh, and if you’re up for it will throw in a few games and challenges too. Paddle race anyone?

Sea Kayaking Newquay

The beaches and harbour tour

See Newquay’s coastline from a different perspective from the seat of a kayak. You’ll set off in the swell from Towan Beach and start paddling once you’re past the harbour mouth. The ocean is then your oyster. Each tour is slightly different depending on the weather conditions, tide and group preferences but gear up for secret beaches and unique experiences such as paddling around the iconic island on Towan Beach and you won’t be disappointed.

Sea Kayaking Newquay

The Gazzel tour

If you’re a bit of a history buff or fancy throwing yourself back into Newquay’s smuggling past get kayaking to The Gazzel, a 2km stretch of Atlantic coastline where tales of piracy and shipwrecks abound. You’ll see Huers Hut on Towan Headland which lived its glory days as an important part of Newquay’s pilchard fishing industry, and hear how it was in this area that wreckers used to draw in ships ready to plunder. Thankfully, these days The Gazzel is a lot more mellow and is the perfect playground for learning to negotiate swells and waves.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall

The Gannel tour

Teaming with wildlife and sashaying with incredible good looks, the Gannel Estuary, just south of Towan Headland where the Gannel meets the sweeping sands of Crantock Beach, is a kayakers dream. Enjoying a sheltered spot tucked away from the buzz of Newquay’s popular beaches, it’s lovely and peaceful offering the perfect conditions to get the hang of the art of the paddle.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall


Keep your eyes peeled because on a sea kayaking tour with us you’re guaranteed to encounter an array of marine wildlife. From the sand banks and salt marshes of the Gannel Estuary to the still water of the harbour, wildlife loves Newquay as much as we do. Seals, otters, Kingfishers…it’s all up for grabs and we’ll help you to identify it.

Sea Kayaking Newquay

History and heritage

Combining the contemporary, action-packed side of Newquay with its fishing and traditional past, our sea kayaking adventures fuse Newquay’s two alter egos. Delve into hidden coves once favoured by smugglers, paddle through waters where ships have met their fate and hear tales from days gone by. Our instructors are as clued up and as passionate about Newquay’s history as they are about getting active.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Who it’s for?

We’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again – sea kayaking is for absolutely everyone. No matter what your age, ability or water experience, you’re gonna love it. Children as young as 5 or 6 can get out on the water with us when accompanied by an adult and if you don’t like getting wet, no bother, we’ll tailor the session to suit. But don’t be fooled into thinking that sea kayaking is just for beginners, we can push the tempo and thrill factor as high as you want it. Familiescouples, stag and hen groups, corporate teams, step this way…

Find out more and book your kayaking adventure with us.


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