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As a kid, what better way is there to spend the summer holidays than being at the beach and in the ocean. A million miles from a day spent in front of a screen, our kids can immerse themselves in the elements, learn new skills, improve their fitness and test their resilience, all packaged up as fun and games in the surf.

We recently accompanied two of Newquay’s most accomplished groms Mila Barber and Ellie Hickie on a surf session. They are surf stars of the future and a real inspiration to other young kids who want to learn to surf, and enjoy spending time in the ocean. These girls are only 10 and 11 years old, but their maturity, independence and ability in the water is impressive, and the fun and giggles they have whilst they’re surfing is heartwarming. For Mila and Ellie surf training isn’t a chore, how can it be when it’s so much fun! 

These are the summers which help our kids form their character, broaden their horizons and set them on a path to work hard and learn life skills, whether they be surf related or not.

If your kids love the ocean and would like to improve their surfing then look no further than our VIP Surf Club. Run throughout the summer holidays, it’s a surf experience unlike any other in Newquay. Your kids will learn from the best, and come away with surf theory, increased confidence and of course, incredible surf skills.

Sign your kids up for the summer of their lives at our VIP Surf Club.


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