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If you’re looking for an adventure for your children this summer that’s both a personal growth opportunity and super fun, then look no further than the Newquay Activity Centre VIP Kids Camp. All of NAC’s facilities, and their senior instructors are made available for this amazing summer school experience; your children are guaranteed to increase their surfing knowledge and ability, expand their ocean awareness, and see a huge boost in their water confidence. 


The VIP Kids Camp runs 3 mornings a week, Monday to Wednesday throughout the summer holidays and is suitable for children aged 8-16. The sessions will run 9am-11am, starting your children’s day off in the right way, by moving, learning and laughing, and challenging themselves in a safe and supportive environment.


Our sessions will start with a beach game to get everyone warmed up before they’re taken through the practical skills of surfing. We’ll spend some time on the glorious sandy beach, covering safety, demonstrating skills, and explaining wave theory and surf etiquette. We’ll then head out to the shallows and practice in the white-water; it’ll be the most incredible classroom your children will ever have experienced. Smiles are guaranteed as your children grow in confidence and develop their surfing skills under the expert eye of our ISA and Beach Lifeguard qualified instructors. From the beach to the water, your kids will be in the best hands, whilst having the time of their life!


Your children will receive positive and personalised coaching, and they’ll get tips to take away and practice by themselves. They’ll also receive a comprehensive grounding in essential areas such as equipment, waves, tides, wind, surfing techniques, and water skills—all presented in a manner that prioritises both enjoyment and safety. This is designed to help your children develop into independent, informed and safe surfers. We’re here to ensure the next generation of surfers are the best yet! 


Whether your children attend for one week, or all summer long, our VIP Kids Camp is a wholesome and positive learning opportunity that they’ll remember for years to come.


What’s Included?

  • Our Activity Centre is a Centre of Excellence

  • Suitable for ages 8-16

  • Wetsuits and surfboards provided for the duration of the camp

  • 3 surf lessons starting at 9am over the 3 days

  • Safety and ocean awareness

  • Introduction to equipment 

  • Demonstration and coaching of surfing techniques 

  • Knowledge of wave selection

  • Surf signals and communication

  • How to wipe out safely

  • Surfing terminology – learn the lingo

  • Functional warm-ups

  • Basic surf etiquette and navigating other water users

  • Awareness of currents and tides

  • Motivating goal setting

  • Heated changing facilities

  • Secure storage and lockboxes for valuables

  • Hot outdoor showers and separate male & female toilets


If you want to treat your children to this awesome Kids Camp adventure then drop us a line and we’ll make sure they have the most unforgettable surfing experience in Newquay! Prepare for them to become seriously addicted to the ocean, as they feel the freedom and thrill of riding their first waves  – just make sure to have your camera ready!

Get your kids surfing in to summer!


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