Training Time For The New Coasteer Instructors at Newquay Activity Centre!

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We hold regular training sessions for our coasteering instructors to build on their professional skills base as qualified beach lifeguards and ensure tiptop coasteering in Newquay, Cornwall! 

You can’t get more hands on with the coastline than you do whilst coasteering. It’s all about navigating your way along craggy stretches, finding foot and hand holds in the uneven rock and plunging into deep pools from natural ledges. All you need is the right kit and two badass coasteer instructors who know the routes like the back of their hands, to make it the most memorable adventure ever.

We spoke to Lead Newquay Activity Centre Instructor, Brendan Moore to find out what they covered during this month’s coasteer training.

“You can never stop learning. Improving skills, safety strategy, practicing techniques, ultimately improving customer experience and ensuring their safety is our number one priority,” said Brendan. “We need to be on top form for a busy season!”

Coasteering Training TimeHow do you describe coasteering?

 “Coasteering is a combination of sea swimming, low level climbing, traversing, natural rapid riding and ledge leaps into deep water plunge pools. Wildlife is abundant down in the Gazzle because it’s a sheltered stretch of coastline. It’s a great way to get hands on with the landscape and see our coastal flora and fauna up close.”


What type of person makes a good coasteer instructor?

Someone who is comfortable in the ocean, has good ocean knowledge and wave awareness and great people skills.  They also need to have good leadership, group management and communication skills. Those are key because if you have a large group on a spicy day, you need to be able to confidently and efficiently communicate with your group and fellow instructors to ensure everyone’s safety.

What did you cover during the training?

Group management skills, how to look after your coasteering group in different swell conditions. We also looked at how to get yourself and the group in and out of the water correctly using proper exit techniques, rescue scenarios and how to use the rescue equipment properly.

How do better highly trained instructors affect the coasteering experience of the customers?

The more comfortable you are in the water, the more comfortable your clients will be. Coasteering instructors should be trained in all conditions, prepared for every eventuality and always be in control. You want your clients to feel relaxed and confident so they fully enjoy the coasteer.  We are also used to managing large groups and ensuring they flow well along the route, you don’t want a member of the group waiting to do jumps and getting cold. The more experienced you are, the better the coasteer will be for the client.

Call us now to meet our expert team of coasteering instructors, on your own coasteering adventure in Newquay, Cornwall with Newquay Activity Centre! 01637 877722


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