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Adventures in Cornwall

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Adventures in Cornwall 

With dozens of beautiful beaches, a breathtaking coastline and wonderful sea views, Cornwall is a great destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports activities.

Whether you are 4 or 40, there is something for you to do that will get your adrenaline pumping and your mind energised.

If you are planning a trip to this wonderful area of the UK, make sure you head to Newquay to check out the waves.


If you have been dying to get your wetsuit on and try something different while surrounded by the beauty of Cornwall, coasteering is an awesome experience.

With a variety of coasteering experiences on offer, including heritage coasteering and eco coasteering, as well as the in-demand North Coast Challenge, thrill seekers will be spoilt for choice.

Experience breathtaking leaps and swim through exhilarating gullies and you will never be accused of being boring.

Surfing and Bodyboarding 

With miles of coastline, some areas more rugged than others, you can enjoy a wide variety of beach activities and watersports in Cornwall, including surfing and bodyboarding.

Whether you are a beginner or a novice looking for a surf school, Cornwall’s Newquay Activity Centre can help you improve your skills in navigating the sea.

If you live local you can enjoy surfing lessons by the hour or you can book a surfing weekend if you want to take a break away from home.

All of our surf lessons include the hire of clothing and equipment, so there is no need to fork out lots of money on getting yourself ready—just come and enjoy!

Cornwall for Kids 

Cornwall prides itself on being a great destination for family holidays and is therefore packed full of activities that children can enjoy.

If you are looking for a children’s surf school, Cornwall has the best that is on offer with Newquay Activity Centre.

Our kid’s surf lessons are available for children aged 8 years and over, with under 8’s allowed if accompanied by an adult.

All of our lessons are carried out by expert teachers who will work with your child’s individual needs in order to keep them in their comfort zone.

Lots of fun

Who said that holidays need to be relaxing? If you are always on the lookout for an adventure and need a top quality surf school, Cornwall is the destination for you.

If you live in Cornwall, you are lucky enough to be able to visit Newquay Activity Centre as much as you like, either on your own with our friends.

We are certified by the Surfing GB Centre of Excellence and ensure that we follow guidelines to ensure the safety of you and all involved.

To find out more about our activities and package prices, contact one of our team today.

We cannot get enough of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches and we doubt you will once you have visited, see you soon.


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