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We welcomed some new team mates to our awesome crew of instructors at the beginning of the summer and in true NAC style, they’re pumped up, full of energy and committed to sharing their passion for adventure sports. But before we unleashed them into the thick of the action, there was some important training to do to dust them with NAC magic…

Group SUP

It might be the newest addition to our activity line-up but our customers are already falling crazy in love with SUP. It’s just as well then that we’ve got a full and expert complement of SUP instructors to match demand. As you’d expect, our instructors already boast expert skills in this area but our group SUP training gave them the NAC advantage. They were shown secret hideaways and amazing view points, and given the inside scoop on where to go to almost guarantee a marine wildlife encounter. Fully primed and in tune with our incredible SUP routes, they’re now busy rolling out SUP tours that are off the scale – you’ve just got to join one!

Snorkel safaris 

If our activities weren’t special enough we’re cranking up the wow factor and throwing another spectacular experience into the mix by combining our SUPkayaking and coasteering experiences with snorkel safaris. Thanks to extensive (and super fun) training, everyone in the team knows everything that you can know about snorkelling along our stunning coast. Techniques, thriving spots and what to look for, they’ve got it nailed.


We’re in the business of helping people to jump off cliffs safely – it’s what coasteering is all about – and helping people to do it is a pretty awesome job (quite possibly the best!). All of our new recruits have trained to be coasteering assistants – lucky them! – and some have gone on to be coasteering leaders. If Carlsberg did jobs…

Staff Training


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