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Having been locked away in our homes for the past few months, the call from nature has got gradually louder by the day. The sun has been hanging in a clear blue sky until late evening and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. We are all emerging with a new zest for life and where better to explore that feeling, than coasteering in Newquay.

Here at Newquay Activity Centre we pride ourselves on being able to offer a great selection of activities. When it comes to coasteering, we really picked up the ball and ran with it. (Or picked up the buoy and swam with it!) Most companies will offer one, two, maybe three different ways of exploring the coast. But with over 20 years of experience and planning – we are able to offer 18 different coasteering activity packages. From a fantastic day out coasteering with your family, to the ultimate thrill seeking jet boat coasteer. We have something for everyone.

Coasteering in Newquay gives you the opportunity to let your sense of adventure totally take over. You can jump from the highest rocks into the deepest plunge pools, be swept in and out of pirate caves by the Atlantic swell and climb your way along low-level rocks to the next epic adventure spot.

How Coasteering Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being

This week (18th – 24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and the topic this year is kindness. We have seen through the recent global pandemic that helping each other through tough times is one of the most important ways we can live. Communities, friendships and relationships are worth more than money or materials. And your relationship with yourself is where it starts. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself a connection with the outdoors.

There’s nothing quite like throwing yourself into the ocean from a great height to improve your confidence. Overcoming a preconceived idea of fear, and smashing it to pieces. Each jump, climb or dark cave you experience builds your independence and increases your ability to take on challenges. There’s not much that seems scary after a few hours coasteering in Cornwall, and you’ll go home with a great sense of achievement.

It has been scientifically proven that being around the ocean has positive mental benefits. We have a deep biological connection to the water that improves our well-being and mental state through the production of feel good neurochemicals. If you are looking to combat recent months by throwing yourself (literally) at a new challenge, then come and find out why coasteering in Newquay could be the ultimate solution.

Coasteering Activities We Offer

Newquay Activity Centre is a totally unique provider of outdoor ocean adventures. We’re very proud to have been voted Number 1 on Trip Advisor for the past 5 years and we continue to try and provide the quality that is expected of us. 20 years ago, when Rob Barber created Newquay Activity Centre, he set out with the vision of being at the forefront of coasteering in Cornwall. Fast forward to today and the company has very much delivered what it set out to do.

With over 15 different coasteering activities you are sure to find a route that you aren’t only comfortable with, but one that you’ll want to keep coming back for! The rush of seawater as you submerge yourself in its refreshing blue embrace can be incredibly addictive. Exploring the coastline via coasteering in Cornwall is like nothing else, one minute you could be climbing across boulders and the next – swimming against the tide. It’s like being in a very well supervised action movie. And you’re the hero.

One of our most popular coasteering routes is the North Coast Challenge. You can put yourself in the shoes of shipwrecked sailors and plundering pirates as you navigate this stretch of the Cornish coast. Expect to push your own boundaries and operate outside of your normal comfort zone during this challenge, this provides you with everything coasteering in Newquay has to offer. Wild swimming, low-level rock climbing, riding natural rapids and jumping from cliff ledges will leave you buzzing with adrenaline and itching to go back for more.

If it’s wildlife you’ve come to see, then the Low Tide Coasteer is definitely for you. Low tide might mean grounded boats and a long walk to dip your feet, but when it comes to coasteering – it reveals a whole new world. Old smugglers’ caves present themselves for exploring, rocky outcrops and natural rapids become the highway of the coast and an abundance of wildlife comes out to play. Keep your eyes open for the friendly grey seals who call this part of Cornwall home!

Another one of our favourite activities is the Family Coasteer. Lots of families come to visit us in Cornwall and we can’t think of a better way of exploring the coastline than spending time together jumping in and out of the water. It’s a great way of getting kids outdoors and learning about the coast from a completely different perspective, all under the supervision of our highly qualified instructors. All of our routes have been risk assessed and are child friendly, so this activity can cater for families of all ages.

Further Different Types of Coasteering

As well as the aforementioned popular routes, we offer a wide array of different coasteering activities. You want to coasteer at night? We’ve got you. You want to hold onto the back of a jet ski while it zooms across the ocean? Absolutely. You want to get closer to the marine life under the surface? Say no more, we’ll grab the snorkel. We’ve combined activities to provide as much fun as possible no matter which coasteering package you choose. Check out the following to see what takes your fancy:

  1. North Coast Challenge Coasteer
  2. Adventure Gulley Coasteer
  3. Low Tide Coasteer
  4. Super SUP & Coasteer
  5. Family Coasteer
  6. Heritage Coasteer
  7.  Private Coasteer
  8.  Snorkel Super SUP & Coasteer
  9.  Coasteer Snorkel
  10.  Jet Boat Coasteer
  11.  Kayak Coasteer
  12.  Night Coasteer
  13.  Gold Select Private Coasteer

The History Of Coasteering

Using the coastline to run, jump, or swim your way to a certain point has surely been around for as long as the coastline itself. But as a commercial activity, Andy Middleton (of TYF) is responsible for opening up the eyes of the world to such an exhilarating experience. In 1986 in Wales, Andy and his business partner bought a hotel on the outskirts of St. Davids and over the years transformed it into an adventure and eco lodge.

An amalgamation of skills including surfing, white water rescue, climbing and an extensive knowledge of the area led to the first coasteering routes around the St. Non’s Bay. The term itself originates from the same practices as mountaineering and orienteering, but instead navigating your way through the coast. So – Coasteering!

Since the early days in Wales, coasteering has gone on to become one of the most popular activities across the UK that adventure centres provide. So much so that the National Coasteering Charter was created. This sets the bar for safety amongst coasteering providers and makes sure they are following the high levels of responsibility needed. We are a proud member of the NCC and share its views on safety and sustainability.

How Do I Get Into Coasteering?

All you really need is a good pair of old trainers and a sense of adventure. But as coasteering is still in its relative infancy, it isn’t a sport that you should try to do by yourself. Understanding different states of the ocean and the constantly varying coastline requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. It can be a dangerous place if you are not familiar with the surroundings as situations can change drastically.

However, under the watchful supervision of a highly qualified instructor, it is a fun and action-packed adventure. There are around 150 centres across the UK that offer coasteering as an activity, so wherever you live in the country, you won’t be far from an epic experience. Admittedly we may be slightly biased, but we don’t think the Cornish coastline can be beat. We have the wild atlantic sea crashing against our heritage coast and fascinating wildlife to discover. Check out our FAQs about coasteering to answer any further questions.

Coasteering in Newquay can be enjoyed by just about anybody. No matter your fitness level or ability. Each route can be adapted so that you’re comfortable and safe while still having as much fun as possible. Come and challenge yourself this summer at the award-winning Newquay Activity Centre and jump into something new.


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